this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

I’m not going to watch this because I already know what it is. *vapes e-cigarette*



These are the lyrics sent around by Georgia Tech’s now disbanded Phi Kappa Tau fraternity for their Christimas Party.

The fraternity was found to be engaged in “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is…

Gross. I’m pretty sure Bret Easton Ellis got famous writing a book like this. 

So burnt out on short stories that all I want to read are sassy behind-the-scenes rock and movie biographies.


First page of the first draft of Moon Over Goldsboro on a postcard from The Pretty Panicks Press

Inspired by Peter Garland’s journal, Soundings, and James Tenney’s postcard compositions, the pretty panicks press began as a project documenting the various ways that rock music is represented on the page. In its first year, panicks printed rock compositions on the fronts of five postcards, with artists statements on the backs, and distributed to a mailing list of about 500 physical addresses, and sites including Other Music (NYC), Aquarius (SF), and Amoeba Music (SF/Berkeley). Started while an undergraduate at Mills College, with support from William Winant, and friends in the bay area music community, contributors to the project so far have included John Darnielle, of The Mountain Goats, Sharon Cheslow, Jorge Boehringer, Molly Thompson, Pure Horsehair, and Ches Smith.

Apparently, I collect tMG tickets like children collect baseball cards. 



In any case, my goal was not to conceive of the twentieth century as a theme—not even in the sense of a “reflection theme”—but as a literary figure. The primary question wasn’t to know what events, what episodes were characteristic of the twentieth century, but which syntax, which rhetoric,…

Over, against, under, into: the mystery was so frequently prepositional.
The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf by Katheryn Davis (via daughtryeland)

I’ve never read a John Green book or watched whatever it is he does with his brother—his art might be great!—but the “I hate John Green” tag is really funny. 



I have never not lived along the Columbia River and its tributaries. I grew up on the Salmon and Boise Rivers, which dump into the Snake, and on the Snake itself where it toils in the bottom of a profound desert canyon at Chilly Desert before joining the Columbia later on at Kennewick, and…