The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.

Terri Conley, professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan ( link )


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I was listening to a funny podcast review of Bill O’Reilly’s “novel” the other day and in it the Bill O stand-in brags about his sexual prowess and there’s a vivid description of him giving head and you realize that Bill O’Reilly has never made a woman cum. 

I like my movies like I like my men: horrifying and filled with cheap thrills. 

"Science is pure chance and sudden luck. It’s magic, in a way. Chemistry is that unstable and perfectly coordinated music of the fundamental that lives in our skin and our shoes. This is where life achieved its sudden flash, and where time itself will someday rediscover its own timeless regeneration." I contributed tanic acid to the beaker labeled POETIC TROPE #117…
Scott Bradfield - The History of Luminous Motion


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Fell asleep at 5:30. Now I’m watching Blue Ruin.

…and crumpled up tortilla chips for texture, fracturability, mouthfeel. 

Pretty sure I’ll never accomplish anything in life because I can’t even get sleep right. 

Where exactly do you put your hands on somebody who hurts everywhere?
Charles D’Ambrosio, The Dead Fish Museum: Stories (via larmoyante)